Youth-led Urban Farm

About This Project

BAF, in partnership with Zeal Taranaki, is working with Te Popo garden to support young people to develop their knowledge and skills for growing their on food.  A section of Te Popo garden will be turned from bare land into a flourishing vegetable garden where participating young people will cultivate crops and harvest produce across a 12-month project.

This initiative builds on the successful pilot we ran with Zeal Taranaki and the Marfell Community Garden in 2021 and 2022 providing an urban farm experience within which at risk or vulnerable young people were trained in all aspects of the cultivation process.

The project will also enable the participating young people to engage with running KAItiaki Composting, a social enterprise that sources food waste from local businesses which is used to create organic compost to help nurture and grow vegetables.  See the KAItiaki Composting project description on our website for more details.