ICT Gateway

About This Project

The ICT Gateway is a social enterprise operated by BAF.  The purpose is to support local community organisations, including local Iwi and hapū, by building the capacity of these organisations to effectively plan and utilise Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  The ICT Gateway kaupapa is to also support and educate users to enable them to effectively access and utilise communication resources, data storage and services offered by the technology.

ICT can be a powerful mechanism to support community organisations to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.   Community organisations are offered an initial consultation with the ICT Gateway at no charge with the support of BAF.

Support to community organisations includes strategic advice and guidance, ICT language translation, ICT plans and most importantly solutions targeting the specific needs of the organisation.

The ICT Gateway continues to grow as further community organisations seek ongoing support with their ICT services.

If you want to know more, contact the ICT Gateway via email kiki@ictgateway.org.nz or trudy@ictgateway.org.nz

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