ICT Gateway

About This Project

The ICT Gateway is a social enterprise operated by BAF which aims to support local Iwi and community organisations by building the capacity of these organisations to effectively plan and utilise Information and Communication Technology.

We recognise that ICT can be a powerful mechanism to support organisations to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible and we work to enable each organisation’s potential through the following applications:

Strategic Advice and ICT Planning

All community organisations are offered their first meeting with the ICT Gateway at no charge. If the relationship is to continue beyond this the organisation will receive a proposal outlining:
• Timeframe for the advice and/or planning process
• Outcomes that will have been achieved through the process
• Cost of the process
• Whether an ongoing service agreement will be developed or the relationship will conclude

Advice and planning support is costed at $70 per hour (ex GST) beyond the first free meeting. This cost reflects the fact that the ICT Gateway has to invest significant funding to retain a current level of expertise. The ICT Gateway operates as a social enterprise. The costs we charge support us to break even and we remain committed to enabling ICT to achieve social outcomes. Our rate remains well below that of market rate (circa $100-145 per hour for similar services).

Cloud Solutions

With the support of the TSB Community Trust the ICT Gateway is able to support community organisations to access cloud technology where this is appropriate. The ICT Gateway can also offer ongoing support to organisations to enable them to better manage their cloud relationship once established. Cloud support can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Remote Management Service Agreements

Remote management agreements can provide certainty for organisations with ongoing ICT requirements. All remote management arrangements will be based on signed Service Level Agreements detailing parameters of service provided and cost to the organisation. All remote management contracts require an automatic payment (AP) payment from the organisation. The minimum service charge for a remote management contract is $140 per month (ex GST).

Important Exclusions

The ICT Gateway does not offer a technical support/helpdesk service unless it is an agreed part of an ongoing and pre-paid Service Level Agreement. Our main focus is on ICT planning and enabling access to fit for purpose technology solutions. The ICT Gateway does not purchase hardware/software for organisations. We can recommend specifications to assist organisations to make purchases. The ICT Gateway also has a number of preferred suppliers that are able to work effectively with community organisations. The ICT Gateway recommends that community organisations register with Techsoup NZ for their software purchases as software is heavily discounted by Techsoup for community organisations.

Emergency Cover

The ICT Gateway has in place an agreement with a private contractor. In the event that ICT Gateway staff are unavailable for an extended period (due to leave or sickness) the contractor has an up to date profile of all organisations with ongoing service agreements with the ICT Gateway and will provide an emergency response on our behalf.

A big thank you to our Funding Partner The TSB Community Trust.

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