Think Tank

We bring community members together to start conversation, think creatively and research ways to create fundamental social change.


Backbone Organisation

BAF works collaboratively with a number of partners across Taranaki and wider New Zealand to lead, support, and sustain programmes that create social change.


Programme and Service Hub

We support and implement a number of projects that develop long-term solutions to social issues, helping our community to flourish from the ground up.


We want to give all areas of our community a chance to flourish. Take a look at the diverse range of projects BAF is involved in.

Our Vision

Simply, we want to create communities that flourish. To achieve this we identify the root cause of community and social issues and develop partnerships that can create lasting solutions to them. We have three core action areas of Research, Collaboration and Service. We like to see ourselves as a catalyst for change, developing collaborations and solutions that can thrive beyond our involvement so that we can continue to look for more good to be done.


Our research creates a foundation for change through conversation, discussion and exploration of key social issues. Take a look at our research projects on their way to helping communities flourish.

  • BAF, like all of organisations, have had to adjust to doing business in a Covid-19 environment.  However, as well as adjusting to what we face now we are also turning our attention to what we will be like after Covid-19 – what are we learning......

  • The team at BAF have been working on ways that we can reduce the impact our business activities have on the climate.  To help us achieve this we engaged in an internal research process designed to generate a response map that showed us what we......

  • BAF is exploring it’s impact by developing an Impact Strategy. Our Impact Strategy will contain a Theory of Change, otherwise known as an impact model, which is a visualization for how the activities we do lead to positive change. Critical for BAF will be the......