Bashford-Nicholls Trust Scholarships

About This Project

BAF is the trustee of the Bashford-Nicholls Trust.  This trust operates two dairy farms in South Taranaki with the aim of generating surpluses to enable scholarships for agriculture and veterinary science study and research.

BAF is also contracted to develop and manage a new scholarship programme that will extend the impact of the scholarships offered through the Bashford-Nicholls trusts.  An exciting new scholarship programme has been developed which will be launched by October 2017.  This includes a new Premier Award of up to $50k per annum targeting ground breaking and influential research.  Four additional scholarship tiers will support PhD, Masters, Undergraduate and vocational programmes of study.

Working in partnership with PKW and CommunityForce, BAF is also working to develop an online scholarship portal to streamline access to Taranaki based scholarships. We hope to have this available by late 2017.

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