Te Hau Maiangi – Voices of Experience

About This Project

The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought leadership and innovation for Taranaki. This partnership aims to bring together an online portal where community groups can access local, national and international innovators talking about their field of expertise and their stories of experience, land and culture.

This collaboration aims to make accessible a wide spectrum of voices to ignite community inspiration, empowerment and action.

We are recording a growing collection of voices from around Taranaki Maunga to bring together a diverse range of information to grassroots organisations, to help shape the future of traditions relative to the future of our region.

We are also bringing a collection of interviews and stories from national and international speakers on climate change, community collaboration and sustainability and its relevancy to Aotearoa innovation. Check out www.accessradiotaranaki.com/shows/te-hau-maiangi-voices-of-experience to listen on demand.

Te Hau Maiangi was a name initiated through collaboration and korero. Meaning the gentle breeze the name reflects the kōrero (breeze) that is shared, without judgement, through this project.