Te Hau Maiangi – Voices of Experience

About This Project

The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought leadership and innovation for Taranaki. This partnership has created an online portal where our communities can access local, national and international innovators talking about their field of expertise and their stories of experience, land and culture.

This collaboration makes accessible a wide spectrum of voices to ignite community inspiration, empowerment and action.

We are recording a growing collection of voices from around Taranaki Maunga to bring together a diverse range of information to grassroots organisations and communities. This space of thought-leadership and innovation is for Taranaki, to help our people shape the future of our region. We are also bringing a collection of interviews and stories from national and international speakers on climate change, community collaboration and sustainability and its relevancy to Aotearoa innovation.

Te Hau Maiangi also aims to provide equipment and training so local people can record and contribute stories themselves – ultimately everyone will be able to access and contribute to it in future. This is a way of building capability to further enhance our ability to distribute people’s knowledge.

Visit www.accessradiotaranaki.com/archives/te-hau-maiangi-past-episodes-2019/ to listen on demand.

Our region hosted the Just Transition summit in May 2019 and our region is developing its vision and action plans for Taranaki 2050. These are examples of the many changes facing our communities as we look to the future. In addition, our communities face issues that they need to respond to on a daily basis including social needs, environmental needs and cultural needs. We believe that much of the knowledge that our communities need to shift and evolve into a new future and to respond to the daily needs they face is often inaccessible because either people don’t know about it or they can’t afford the time or costs to attend limited capacity events to hear from people with stories to share. Te Hau Maiangi creates a response to this by enabling stories of change, inspiration or knowledge from local, national and international people to be freely and easily accessible.

Te Hau Maiangi was a name initiated through collaboration and korero with Te Atiawa Iwi. Meaning the gentle breeze the name reflects the kōrero (breeze) that is shared, without judgement, through this project.

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