Our Impact


Our work with changemakers focuses on impact – our impact in supporting their journey and their impact making positive changes for our communities. We’ve developed stories of change that illustrate our impact approach.


Think Tank

We bring community members together to start conversation, think creatively and research ways to create fundamental social change.


Backbone Organisation

BAF works collaboratively with a number of partners across Taranaki and wider New Zealand to lead, support, and sustain programmes that create social change.


Programme and Service Hub

We support and implement a number of projects that develop long-term solutions to social issues, helping our community to flourish from the ground up.


We want to give all areas of our community a chance to flourish. Take a look at the diverse range of projects BAF is involved in.

Our Vision

Simply, we want to create communities that flourish. To achieve this we support changemakers to launch ideas that challenge inequity and develop partnerships that can create lasting solutions to social issues. We have three core action areas of Research, Collaboration and Service. We like to see ourselves as a catalyst for change, developing collaborations and solutions that can thrive beyond our involvement so that we can continue to look for more good to be done.


Our research creates a foundation for change through conversation, discussion and exploration of key social issues. Take a look at our research projects on their way to helping communities flourish.

  • BAF continues to explore ways to ensure communities can access affordable energy.  We’re excited to endorse the Everyone Connected research and campaign led by Common Grace Aotearoa. Everyone Connected has launched a petition calling on the Electricity Authority to do more to protect families struggling......

  • BAF has a long history of supporting projects that focus on keeping older people connected to their communities and preventing social isolation.  We are excited to affirm the Te Kōrero mō ngā Kaumātua: Exploring the context of older people in Aotearoa New Zealand research undertaken......

  • Homeshare arrangements already play an important role globally in delivering viable, affordable and sustainable housing options.  For instance keyworkers like nurses and teachers often find their first ‘home’ through a homeshare arrangement. Homeshare offers supportive living arrangements which are mutually beneficial to householders and homesharers.......