Catalyst Housing

About This Project

Catalyst Housing is a charitable company which was created by BAF following research into the need for affordable housing in Taranaki.  We were registered as a charity because our aim is to promote the regeneration of deprived communities and relieve poverty through the provision of housing options to low and moderate income families.

The focus of Catalyst Housing is Taranaki wide, but for the moment we are working with Housing New Zealand and community stakeholders to explore a proposal to regenerate an area of Marfell in New Plymouth.  Catalyst Housing is currently undertaking a significant period of due diligence to assess the viability of this proposal and will continue to engage with stakeholders.  We don’t want to raise expectations until we have a greater level of certainty about our potential involvement, but as soon as we have more certainty about what is possible we will be able to communicate more widely with the local community.