Homeshare scoping project

Homeshare scoping project

Homeshare arrangements already play an important role globally in delivering viable, affordable and sustainable housing options.  For instance keyworkers like nurses and teachers often find their first ‘home’ through a homeshare arrangement.

Homeshare offers supportive living arrangements which are mutually beneficial to householders and homesharers.

According to HANZA, the body that advocates for homeshare in Australia and New Zealand, homeshare provides a range of benefits to individuals and the community such as:

  • Positive personal, health and economic benefits to participants and to their families.
  • Inclusivity fostered from shared living arrangements.
  • Support of marginalised and vulnerable communities.
  • A greater sense of wellbeing and support.
  • A decrease in loneliness and isolation.
  • Cost savings in the provision of personal, physical and mental health services
  • A reduced need for government supported and funded residential housing options.

We have partnered with Guild Research & Consultancy and the Ministry of Social Development to explore the viability of a supported homeshare scheme as part of Taranaki’s housing future. Our initial scoping research can be accessed here HomeShare Report FINAL