Youth-at-risk Urban Farm

About This Project

BAF, in partnership with Zeal and Marfell Community Garden, is leading a pilot urban farm experience within which at risk or vulnerable young people will be trained in all aspects of the cultivation process, how to develop effective sales and marketing strategies for the produce they grow, how to operate an enterprise and how to cook the fresh produce they are nurturing.

The project will also enable the participating young people to learn how to establish a social enterprise that sources appropriate food waste from local cafes as a basis to create organic compost, this compost will be used as the basis for growing new produce which can ultimately be sold back to the local community and cafes.  BAF and Start-Up Taranaki will deliver a social enterprise programme that supports young people to validate the idea and establish the business.

If the pilot phase is successful our aim is to expand the project to enable more young people to benefit.

We are grateful to the TOI Foundation for seed funding for this initiative.