Parenting Programmes

About This Project

BAF is involved in two significant projects that aim to provide parents with easier and more effective access to the parenting support they may need.  Both projects are currently branded Flourish:

Flourish Online aims to develop an online portal that connects parents/whanau with the right support and education for their needs. The portal will enable parents to describe their needs and be connected to the most relevant local providers of support or advice.  As part of what is offered the portal will showcase the stories of real families / whanau and the support they accessed that worked so other families cna locate their story and match themselves to a support service that will work for them too.  The portal also becomes a gateway to the vast array of resources and information available by listing these in one place.  It can also push notifications to large numbers of parents who sign up for relevant course or programme updates.

Flourish the Space is a collaborative project involving a number of organisations who aim to co-locate in one purpose designed space that will become a physical hub for parenting.  In addition to providing a range of services in one place for parents the hub would also become a venue for parent related programmes, services and information so that parents could easily access the support they need.

The vision of both a virtual and physical hub so to create a comprehensive system of support for all parents with the aim of supporting happier families and better supported children.



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