About This Project

BAF continues to support the Flourish Taranaki Trust as it works to develop a parenting education hub and a comprehensive set of programmes covering the entire journey of parenting.

Flourish Parenting Education Hub aims to connect parents/whanau with the right support and education for their needs. The hub will enable parents to access a wide range of programmes covering all stages of parenting including antenatal, post-birth, toddler, child and teen.  At present it is hard for parents to find relevant parenting support that fits their needs.  Through Flourish Parenting Education Hub a wide array of parenting education opportunities will be easily accessible in one space with a simple online booking system.

Flourish continues to explore the vision of a Flourish Space which would be a collaborative project involving a number of organisations who aim to co-locate in one purpose designed space that will become a physical hub for parenting.  In addition to providing a range of services in one place for parents the hub would also become a venue for parent related programmes, services and information so that parents could easily access the support they need.

The vision of Flourish is to create a comprehensive system of support for all parents with the aim of supporting happier families and better supported children.



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