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BAF offers a range of parenting programmes through our team of accredited trainers and facilitators.  Contact us about any of the opportunities below.

Incredible Years

During 2018 BAF delivered Incredible Years programmes in New Plymouth and Eltham as part of the approved panel of providers engaged by Ministry of Education. We also secured funding to deliver a community-led Incredible Years programme in partnership with the Marfell community. This will begin in 2019 with the aim of training local leaders to deliver future programmes.

BAF was successful in tendering to continue as an approved delivery partner with MoE for programmes from 2019 onwards.

The Incredible Years is a series of interlocking, evidence-based programmes for parents, children and teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The goal of the Incredible Years® programme is to prevent and treat young children’s behaviour problems and promote their social, emotional, and academic competence. The programmes are used worldwide and have been shown to work across cultures and socio-economic groups. Childhood behaviour problems, if left unchecked, can leave children at a greater risk in adulthood of unemployment, mental health problems, substance abuse, early pregnancy or early fatherhood, criminal offending, multiple arrests and imprisonment, higher rates of domestic violence and shortened life expectancy.

The parent programme consists of 14 weekly group sessions led by trained Group Leaders. The programme is well-structured and resourced to ensure that it is delivered with fidelity.

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Incredible Years Booster Sessions

BAF also delivers the Incredible Years booster session which is a community based programme that all families of children aged between 3-8 years can use to reinforce the original Incredible Years programme focus. In 2018 we supported 20 families to reconnect with the programme through booster sessions.

More specifically, the booster sessions support parents to re-connect with the programme goals to:

  • Reduce conduct problems in children
  • Promote social, emotional and academic competence in children and
  • Promote parental competence and strengthen families

The booster session recognises that for real change to take place, it is the effectiveness of the programme content and influence across time that is the most significant so booster sessions can enhance outcomes and embed them for the future. The group-design of the programme means participants are potentially well set up with on-going support once the booster session programme has concluded.

Triple P

Triple P offers a one-one programme with a trained facilitator working alongside an individual family with ongoing concerns about their child’s behaviour who require intensive training in positive parenting. The parents commit to 10 regular appointments. The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program ® is one of the world’s most effective parenting programmes.

It gives parents the skills they need to raise confident, healthy children and teenagers and to build stronger family relationships. It also helps parents manage misbehaviour and prevent problems occurring in the first place.

During 2018 BAF supported 10 families through the Triple P delivery.

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