Flourish Taranaki

About This Project

BAF is supporting the growth and development of Flourish Taranaki as a significant initiative to enhance parenting and outcomes for children and young people in our region.  Our role currently includes providing an Interim Chair to guide Flourish through a period of strategic development as it moves towards financial sustainability.

Flourish Taranaki aims to make parenting a little bit easier by connecting parents/whanau with the right support and education for their needs. Flourish enables parents to access a growing range of programmes covering all stages of parenting including antenatal, post-birth, toddler, child and teen.  At present it is hard for parents to find relevant parenting support that fits their needs.  Through Flourish a wide array of parenting education opportunities will be easily accessible in one space.  These programmes include formal education like Toolbox or Incredible Years programmes as well as more informal opportunities for connection and support like Rants in the Park.

Flourish continues to explore the vision of a Flourish digital space which would contribute to making it even easier for parents to find and connect with the right support for them.

Visit https://www.flourishtaranaki.org/ for more info or download the Flourish Taranaki strategy here Flourish Strategy



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