Bashford-Nicholls Trust Scholarships

About This Project

BAF manages the scholarships provided by the Bashford-Nicholls Trust.  This trust operates two dairy farms in South Taranaki with the aim of generating surpluses to enable scholarships for agriculture and veterinary science study and research (see the detailed criteria of the Trust below).

BAF has developed and now manages an exciting and future focused scholarship programme that has extended the impact of the scholarships offered through the Bashford-Nicholls trust.  The exciting scholarship programme has scholarships available for tertiary (vocational or undergraduate) and post-graduate (Masters or PhD) students. For tertiary students awards range from $1,000 to $4,000 per year and for post-graduate students from $13,000 to $20,000 per year. Applications open at the beginning of October and close mid-November each year.  Please apply through the Taranaki Scholarships portal linked below.

In partnership with Massey University we also offer a premier research Award.  The Pivot: Enabling Innovation in Agriculture Research Award offers up to $100,000 per year towards high impact research in the fields of agriculture or veterinary science. Applications are open from July, closing at the end of September.  Please apply through the Taranaki Scholarships portal linked below.

Working in partnership with PKW, Te Karaka Foundation and CommunityForce, an online scholarship portal has been developed to streamline access to Taranaki based scholarships. In 2018 Nga Ruahine, Taranaki Iwi and Ngati Mutunga joined the portal partnership. Scholarships for Bashford-Nicholls and the other partners to the portal are available for applications by visiting

The Bashford-Nicholls Trust exists to grant monies by way of scholarship, bursary or grant for:

(a) The purpose of training or education in the fields of agriculture or veterinary science at an educational institution; and

(b) Research by New Zealand citizens resident in New Zealand, working in or directly connected to the fields of agriculture and veterinary science,

Such training, education or research must provide a career to the recipient or an economic, social or environmental improvement or benefit to the province of Taranaki.

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