Farming to Flourish – a PIVOT innovation research award

Farming to Flourish – a PIVOT innovation research award

In 2019 the Farm Next Door project was awarded the inaugural $100,000 PIVOT Award for a research project that set out to explore how to expand community centred agriculture.

The project was delayed by Covid-19 but recently completed its research and created a website to showcase its findings and continue to generate momentum.  The website and the project’s final report are available here:

The outcomes of the project will encourage and enable more urban farming in the Taranaki region, creating a growing supply of local and sustainable produce.

The PIVOT Award was created through a partnership between BAF – Bishop’s Action Foundation (via the Bashford-Nicholls Trust) and Massey University. The aim of the award is to support innovation and the evolution of agriculture within Taranaki towards a low emissions and more sustainable future.

More information about the PIVOT Award can be found here